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Health Insurance

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Health Insurance Information

Las Vegas Individual and Group Health Insurance 

What is health insurance?

Health insurance is designed to pay for medical expenses and preventative health care.  From doctors office visits to surgery and hospitalization, health insurance will help pay for the majority of medical expenses. 

How does health insurance work?

There are different types of health insurance plans that are designed to meet the needs and budget requirements of a variety of individual and family circumstances, including HMO's PPO's, Point-of-Service (POS), and HSA policies.  Each plan type has unique features and benefits.  No one insurance carrier or plan is right for everyone.   

Health insurance can be purchased individually or as a group through an employer.  Group insurance policies have the advantage of employer contributions.

The Affordable Care Act has made it possible for individuals to receive government subsidies or Advance Premium Tax Credits to help pay for health insurance.  Availability depends on household income and family size.  All health insurance today is guaranteed issue.  In other words, there is no medical underwriting and no one can be declined for coverage, nor charged and additional premium based on pre-existing conditions.

In addition to health insurance, we offer many ancillary products such as life insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, short-term and long-term disability income insurance.

Why choose Elevate Insurance as your broker?

Elevate Insurance is an independent insurance agency representing some of the most well known and respected health insurance companies available in Nevada.  We know the Las Vegas health insurance marketplace and will help you find the right policy to meet your insurance needs. 



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Health Insurance

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