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Health Insurance

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Health Insurance Information

Whether you're an individual looking for health insurance for yourself and your family, or your a business desiring to provide benefits for your employees, Elevate Insurance has the experience and resources to help you get the best product at the most affordable prices.

Individual/Family Policy

Let's face it buying health insurance isn't the easiest and most enjoyable process in the world.   It's increasingly difficult as federal and state regulations change, carriers enter and leave the market and product offerings evolve. But with the right partner, you can be sure you’re getting the right individual insurance for you and your family.

To assist you in the buying process, we have created Elevate Marketplace- a private health insurance exchange.  By accessing the Elevate Marketplace you can shop among different insurance carriers and a variety of health insurance plans both on and off the public exchange to ensure that you have access to the widest possible rate of affordable, individual health insurance plans.  If you need help, our experienced team of insurance industry professionals are with you every step of the way making sure you get the most for your health care dollars.

Fully-insured Group Policy

Fully insured health plans are often the most simple and cost-effective solution for small and mid-sized companies that want to provide premium employee benefits packages. In a traditional fully insured health plan, employers pay a fixed monthly premium based on the number of employees enrolled in the plan. The insurance carrier collects the premiums, and pays claims based on the benefits in the purchased policy. Covered employees are responsible for deductible amounts or co-payments. Essentially, the insurance company is assuming the risk of providing health coverage for insured events.

Though fully insured health plans can be deployed “out of the box,” this is rarely the most effective health care strategy for business owners. Fully insured health plans work best when customized or configured to exactly meet an individual company’s needs.

Self-funded Group Policy

When properly managed, self-funded insurance products can present businesses with major opportunities for savings. In fully insured plans, the company pays non-refundable premiums to an outside carrier. In self-funded insurance, the company pays administrative expenses, stop-loss premiums and claims. If these three expenses are less than fully insured premiums, the difference is profit.  Just as important, self-funded insurance allows companies to manage their own health care costs, without being dependent on the increasingly volatile insurance market.

At Elevate Insurance, we partner with the most knowledgeable third-party administrators and carriers to provide the most comprehensive self-funded insurance solution for your company.

Isn’t self-funded insurance only for huge companies?  Not anymore. At Elevate Insurance, we offer self-funded options for employers with as few as 10 employees.

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